Body in Resonance

Body in Resonance is a 36-minute audio track of carefully balanced frequencies. It is used by individuals and practitioners to increase bodily awareness and meditative states of consciousness in short time. Originally designed as a means to relieve discomforts due to artificial electromagnetic radiation, this CD may also relieve other kinds of hypersensitivity related to artificial agents. People who suffer from restlessness, insomnia, absentmindedness, and a whole range of other discomforts, may benefit by listening to the this CD.

Body in Resonance is a mix of alternating frequencies in resonance with bones and organs. The intent of these sounds is to restore the perceptiveness of the entire body, in order to reinforce bodily self-awareness and self-healing capacity. Additional sounds stimulate the brain to function in a relaxed way, balanced with yourself and your surroundings.

Body in Resonance is best played on a low volume. Set your sound system to a low volume, so you can just hear the sounds. The music is designed to vibrate through open air: the use of headphones is therefore not recommended. Use this CD during your meditations, before you go to sleep, in the morning hours, or play it in the background all day long.


The CD "Body in Resonance" is published by ICRL Press, Princeton (USA).

Body in Resonance - Calming frequencies for body and mind

Composed, performed, and produced by Iebele Abel

© 2004 – 2014